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Project Timeline

At PSPA Inc., we take care of everything for our customers. Below is a sample of what you can expect from our team. We will take care everything in blue (see timeline below), including rebate applications, inspections and approvals. When possible, we do several steps at once to save time. And we guide you through your part of the process—the steps in green. This timeline shows the process for a typical solar electric installation.

Blue = PSPA’s Responsibility
Green = Customer’s Responsibility

Getting Started
About 3 weeks
You contact PSPA

  • PSPA design consultant gathers your basic information and solar requirements.
  • A member of the design team will visit your home/business to discuss cost savings, building assessment, electrical system review and shade analysis.
  • Develop a proposal and provide you with a price quote.

Contract Signing
About 1 day

You evaluate our proposal and contact us with questions.
Sign the contract agreement.
Permits & Approvals
About 3 weeks
Schedule an energy audit with us for the REC, permits, tax rebates and incentivesPSPA files for building permit, electric utility interconnection permit, REC, and tax rebate applications
Construction Starts
About 1 – 4 weeks
  • Pre-installation site visit
  • Installation
  • Final building and electrical inspections
  • Deliver Solar PV panels to your home or business location.
Solar PV Installation
About 1- 3 weeks
PSPA Install team installs Solar PV panels to your roof or ground.

Project Turnover
About 1 day

PSPA customer representative turnover the solar system to your care.Start making clean, cost effective solar energy!!


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