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Solar for Commercial

Solar systems are now becoming a business differentiator in small- to medium-sized businesses – hotel, restaurants, rice mill, gas stations, school dormitory, etc. More and more companies are installing solar to cut operating costs (electric bill), lock in rising utility bills and find ways to generate new income.

Our PSPA engineers, design consultants, and installers are committed to showing just how much savings and new business opportunities you can have for your business.

Our products and services include:

  • Solar Electric (PV Systems) – for home, business or commercial building
  • Solar Hot Water system – for water-intensive businesses such as school dorm, health clubs and hospitals
  • Solar Street Light – for parking lot or street lighting

A solar electric system is virtually maintenance-free and pays for itself in about 4-8 years – the shortest time ever.  After that, it generates income for six additional years, and savings for 30 or more years.

The benefits of solar for business include:

  • Reduced business operating costs by reducing your electric bills
  • Revenue from selling solar credits (On-Grid Systems) once Philippine government approved RA-9513.
  • Increased property re-sale value
  • Tax incentives and deductions from the Philippine government (RA-9513)


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