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FAQ for Commercial

Q: How long does it take to pay off the investment in my solar electric system?
A: It will only take approximately 7-8 years once REC (RA-9513) is approved and solar PV owners can take advantage of Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) rate. Feed-In-Tariff rate is the price approved by the government for the utility companies (grid) to buy back unused energy from solar PV owners. This generates an additional income aside from lowering down electric utility bill. Compare this to the 15 to 20 years it took to earn your money back, just a few years ago.

Q: What benefits does solar offer for business owners?
A: There are many benefits:

  • Reduced operating costs through lower electric bills
  • Revenue from selling solar credits (called Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs) once ratified by the Philippine government under RA-9513.
  • Increased property re-sale value
  • Tax incentives and deductions from the Philippine government

Q: What is involved in a typical solar panel installation?
A: Solar electric installations are quite simple but there’s a bit of engineering and design involved depending on your requirement —though it’s virtually maintenance-free once installed.  The panels are mounted on the roof or ground-mounted on your land, and connected to either inverters mounted inside or to micro-inverters mounted under the solar panels.

Q: How long does it take to get solar?
A: The actual installation is quick, a few days usually. The process, including utility interconnection arrangements, takes a bit longer. But don’t worry, we will handle most of the work, and keep you apprised of the timing every step of the way. We will agree on a specific timetable for your project with you.

Q: What are RECs and how do they work?
A: Think of an REC (Renewable Energy Certificate – RA 9513) as a unit of value for the “green-ness” of the solar energy you produce. As part of an ambitious renewable energy development program in the Philippines, the government has set targets for solar as a source of renewable energy. What this means to you is that you can sell the value of the solar energy you produce in a market created specifically for RECs. So in addition to reducing your electric bill, your Solar PV system can generate tens of thousands of pesos in tax-free income each year for next ten years or for the life of the panels.

Q: How long do solar electric systems last?
A: Solar electric systems are designed to last more than 20 years, and most systems will still be producing power in 30-50 years. We only offer the best Solar PV panels that come with up to 25-year warranty.

Q: Will I have electricity during a power outage?
A: No. With a straight grid-tied system without batteries, even on a sunny day when your solar array is producing power, you will not have power in the building if the utility experiences a power outage. This is to protect the linemen working on the utility grid. If you absolutely need power during an outage, your system must have batteries. This adds cost and complexity to the installation but can be done, and we do offer this service.

Q: Can I cover my roof with solar panels?
A: Solar panels are extremely shade intolerant, so trees and other obstructions that may shade the panels must be avoided. Often 50-80% of roof space is usable.


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